Based on Innovation and Creative Research

Due to dream the ideal towards product design, and motivated by their own ambition, a group of elites gathered from production design industry, made use of average 10~20 years experiences to create new company. The company is full of creativity and energy. This is company Procase.

In this elite team, there they have many talented people who are specialized in the field of rackmount solutions. This is to say that, this team has gathered strong power in this field. Procase created to become the leading brand in industry, and our team help him as they did before.


Propose the best industrial equipment in the world.

Complete Service for customer every day.

Procase agreed that the customers deserve not just a separate part, but a complete solution, they will get effective, economic, high-safety, innovation solution, and the professional after-sale services.

All our products help to provide our customers any solution, and these are the complete service that they most needed.


Develop a solution that goes a long way.

Quality warranty is the only way to make a workable solution.

Using all opportunities to create new products which will satisfy every customer.